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A Quick Guide to Asphalt Maintenance Repairs
for Homeowners in Northeast, Ohio
or Western, Pennsylvania

Reasons to Prioritize Ashalt Maintenance

Operating out of Austintown, Ohio we understand that the region's continental climate  can bring vast temperature changes throughout the year, speeding up the deterioration rate of your asphalt pavement.  From freezing temperatures and "Lake Effect" snow in the winter to hot, humid days in the summer, these extreme temperature variations can cause your pavement to crack over time due to an inescapable cycle of expansion and contraction.

Helpful tip from the Pros:

It's always cheaper to maintain 

your asphalt pavement 

than it is to replace it. 

driveway covered in rock salt and surrounded by snow

Once the pavement begins to crack,  melted snow, rock salt, and rain water can seep into the pavement and weaken the asphalt from within.  At that point, it's only a matter of time before cars and traffic can further damage the pavement beyond repair. That's why regular asphalt maintenance is more important than ever when it comes to prolonging the life of your driveway, parking lot, or other paved areas. 

Two Essential Types of Asphalt Maintenance

While many factors can cause the surface of your pavement to break down, there are two primary types of repairs we that often recommend.  Crack filling is a cost-effective way to minimize the amount of water and other elements infiltrating the asphalt.  Meanwhile, a high-grade seal coat serves as a strong protection against water, UV rays, oils, gasoline and other harmful elements.

#1 Asphalt Service Provider Since 2001

Our local professionals can help you determine when is the best time to perform the appropriate asphalt maintenance services, so that you can protect your customers, assets and loved ones while saving money on repairs over time. 
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